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Creating a unique style is easy

21st October 2010

Vintage Fashion shoes

Create a unique style with something as simple as a pair of shoes.

One of the brilliant aspects of these Vintage fashion fairs is the possibility of finding something utterly unique. Where in the shops are you likely to find a pair of shoes like these. You could wear these with a pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt and still have style to spare, just think what is possible!

If you love fashion and dressing with style you owe it to yourself to visit our fair, there are treasures to be found.

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Mix vintage fashion with modern…

10th October 2010

Vintage Fashion

Create a unique fashion statement - mix and match vintage fashion and high street fashion.

Some of our visitors are not always dedicated followers of vintage fashion but the always find something stylish to wear with a pair of their favourite jeans or high street fashion. The possibilities are unlimited really and it’s nice to make your own style. Try a vintage Ossie Clark blouse with a pair of jeans from Gap to give you a totally unique look!

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  • Stallholders are invited…

    Due the growing popularity of vintage fashion and our fairs we are looking for new stall holders to satisfy this demand. If you have a range of quality vintage fashion, clothes, accessories and textiles please get in touch via the contact page.