An Appetite for Vintage Fashion

Over the past ten years Britain has developed a passion for vintage fashion thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Sex and the City stylists who’ve whetted our appetite for a variety of vintage fashion.

One of the best ways to find a large selection of vintage fashion is to visit a Vintage Fashion Fair – and to satisfy this popular demand we are holding a number of fairs throughout the year.

This is the fourth year of organising the Primrose Hill fairs at the great Cecil Sharp House venue. These fairs are small and friendly, a total of 25 stands, but have the best choice of vintage you could wish for.

I have help at the fairs from a number of very special people namely Keremi, Suzanne, Milly and Elly – all, passionate vintage fans.

Introducing new people to vintage

One aim is to introduce new people to vintage who have not yet found the pleasure in its originality. High Street fashion can look more interesting and quirky by adding one or more vintage pieces and then your look is all your own! Its very okay to mix vintage with new! You will be sure to find a large selection of quality vintage fashion items- just make sure you get there early – before it gets snapped up by a fashion designer on the prowl for inspiration!

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