Slot Gamble Game

Karen Garcia
February 25, 2016
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When playing quite a number of the many different slots designed by Playtech, you are going to be given the option of trying to double the value of any winning combination you spin in.

Whilst some slot game designers have quite complicated gamble games, the one of offer on Playtech slots has been kept as simple to play off as is possible, so it will not distract you too much from playing the base game of the Bubble slot too much.

The Playtech slot gamble game is of course completely optional, so if you are playing any of the slots which have it on offer you will need to click onto the gamble button to get to play off the bonus game. When you do so the gamble game screen will then load into the slot and you are then faced with making one of several different predictions.

Double or Nothing

If you fancy trying to double the value of your spun in winning combination then you will have to guess the colour of the next playing card dealt out to you. You do that by either clicking on the Red or Black button on the gamble game screen and a playing card will then be dealt out.

It your prediction matches the colour of that card your winning payout is doubled, however if you guess incorrectly that winning payout will be lost.

If you have taken the gamble game several times previously then at the top of the gamble game screen you will find displayed the outcome of those last few gamble games you have played, as the previously dealt out playing cards will be displayed on the screen.

Quadruple Your Winning Payout

Whilst some Playtech slot games only offer a double or nothing type of gamble game you will find several of them which also offer you the chance of a quadruple or nothing gamble game.

If you do not mind the more high risk nature of this type of gamble game you simply need to try and predict the suit of the playing card that is about to be dealt out to you.

You click onto the gamble button when a winning combination has been spun in then select the Diamond, Club, Heart or Spade button and if your prediction then matches the suit of the next card dealt out your initial gambled amount is quadrupled.

However, as mentioned this is a much riskier proposition than the double or nothing gamble game and as such you should keep that in mind and only take it occasionally, as you have a one in four chance of guessing the suit as opposed to a 50-50 chance of predicting the colour of the next playing card via that gamble game option.

If at any time you wish to collect your winnings having opted to take the gamble game or when you have had a winning outcome simply click onto the collect button and the game will then return to the base game screen.

Double Bubble and Tiki Island Slot

Karen Garcia
November 16, 2015
double bubble slot

This Double Bubble slot is set to the theme of ancient times complete with Celtic messages designed to help players find the hidden treasure. The noteworthy thing about this slot game is that it is suitable for all kinds of players-the high rollers and those who stake low!

Getting Started with Tiki Island Slot

Tiki Island slot offers a jackpot amount of 1,250 credits for each line bet. This game can be played either by using real money or free.

The denomination of this game starts from 0.01 and goes up till 0.50 for each pay line. You can wager a maximum of 10 coins for each pay line. The minimum and the maximum amount that you can bet are 0.01 and 125.00 respectively for each spin.

The amounts that are shown are given in Pounds and they remain unchanged even if one chooses to play using Euros, Canadian Dollars or USD.

The RTP of this game is a cool 96.7%, which means that you have a chance to make a lot of money while unravelling the secret!

Celtic Wizard-The Wild Symbol

Celtic Wizard is the wild symbol. This symbol can be used as an alternative for other regular symbols to completing winning combinations.

Multiple substitution of the wild symbol results in scoring the highest winning combination upon a single bet line. This wild symbol, however, does not act as an alternative for the scatter symbol.

It also cannot activate the free spin bonus round. Only a single winning combination gets paid for each bet line. In case of multiple winning combinations, you get paid for the one with the highest value.

Secret Treasure Tree-The Scatter Symbol

Secret Treasure Tree acts as a scatter symbol in this slot game. This symbol is not required to make its appearance in the form of a line on any enabled pay lines.

Secret Treasure Tree symbol can appear scattered anywhere on the five reels to completing winning combinations. However, it is necessary for more than three scatter symbols to appear!

The Free Spins bonus round and the Hidden Bonus feature get activated on the appearance of more than three scatter symbols. It is to be noted that the scatter symbols will not allow you to win, but will allow you to enter the Free Spins bonus round.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

Appearance of more than three Secret Treasure Tree symbol scattered anywhere on the reels results in the activation of the free spins bonus round. It gives you 10 free spins.

The Final Verdict

Secret of the Stones will take you on a mesmerising journey where you are given multiple chances to reveal the secret and make a lot of money. With some great graphics and an amazing soundtrack, you can relive the experience of a live casino from the comfort of your own home.

As the reels start spinning and you start winning, you’ll adore every moment spent playing this game!

Casinos with Starburst Slot

Karen Garcia
November 11, 2014
starburst slot

NetEnt had launched Starburst slot in late 2012 and this slot has been a huge hit since then. Loyal users of NetEnt slots, along with new slot lovers have voted this game as one of the best slots present today in spite of no bonus games and free spins.

So, what makes this game so special among players?

It is a five reel and 10 pay line game. But the player has an option of playing this game both ways, which is left to right and right to left, hence, making it an indirect 20 pay line game. With 5 reels spinning to form the winning combo for players, this game has all the ingredients to make it a special slot.

Players have an option of playing this game for free, or they can choose to play with real money, which is available in four currencies-Pounds, Euros, USDs, and Canadian Dollars.  You can deposit on most casinos with PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and major debit and credit cards.

The minimum bet, which the player can place, is 0.01 and the maximum bet the player can place is 100.00 per spin in the game. The maximum credits a player can walk out with are 250 credits.

The Fascinating Symbols of Starburst Slot

You’ll not come across a lot of symbols, but the basic ones that make up this slot are Bar, Seven, Green Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone, Blue Gemstone, Orange Gemstone and Purple Gemstone.

Stacked Symbols in Starburst Slot

The various symbols of the game can appear stacked on all five reels. Not to forget, there can be three symbols, which can occur on a reel concurrently, to form a stacked combo. These stacked symbols increase the winning odds for players by forming winning combinations.

The Expanding Wild Symbol

Starburst symbol is the wild symbol in the game. What this symbol does is it acts as a substitute for all the other normal symbols to form winning combos for players. This symbol only appears on second, third and fourth reels. This symbol also enables the re-spin feature for players where they can win up to three spins per bet. You also need to remember that when this round is in progress all control options are deactivated automatically during the re-spin round.

Spin Button

Spin option is the most important option of the game. It lets players spin the reels by hitting the spin button. During regular game play, players can also stop the reels from spinning by clicking the spin button again. When the reels stop spinning, the software will automatically check for winning combos and pay players accordingly.


While initially players may think that there is no big jackpot in the game, but soon they will realise that they can win up to 50,000 coins, which is more than impressive!

Everything else in the game is exceptional, from the graphics to the soundtrack, making the game play easy, interesting and a lot of fun for all the players. Those players who are new to slot gaming can try this game too, as it does not have any hidden features and is a very straightforward and transparent slot.

Primrose Hill Vintage Fashion Fair

Karen Garcia
July 29, 2014
vintage fashion fair

Primrose Hill Vintage Fashion and Homewares Fair

Vintage clothing, hats, handbags, gloves, shoes, jewellery and textiles from 1800’s – 1980’s will be on show. You will be able to find very wearable vintage pieces at affordable prices and also designer labels if you are looking for something extra special.

We are also introducing a new section introducing a new section to the fair dedicated to vintage home wares including small vintage furniture, some painted and restored, tableware, glassware, lamps, mirrors, linens, textiles, curtains, eiderdowns and garden items.

Also trinkets, treasures and unique gifts.

Spend a leisurely Sunday browsing and buying from the many stalls at our exclusive venue in Primrose Hill.

There is a selection of delicious home made food and refreshments at very reasonable prices.